Thursday, June 21, 2012


It was summer. The weather in The Hills was pleasant for a change. It was a special day. Seven rainbows adorned the sky. It was early in the morning and most people were just stirring out of their beds. But not him. He was a queer guy, an outcast. What he said and what he did were beyond the comprehension of the villagers. They feared him. They exiled him. He did not mind.

But she always found him rather fascinating. As he stood on the edge of the cliff, arms open, hair flying, his face reflected the wonder of the skies.

He made an eerie noise suddenly. The birds responded to his call. They swooped in in a spiral formation and circled over his head like a live halo.

The birds were in every color you could imagine. A live incarnation of the rainbows above. Their chirping was in beat with the sound of the waterfall. The specter was supernatural. For a moment, the worries of the villagers haunted her. But how can something so beautiful be so evil, she thought. Abandoning her fears she slid out of her hiding place, in full view of the cliff.

It was as if he sensed her movement. He turned around and saw her gaping. He acknowledged her with a smile, the most charming smile.

The next heartbeat, he vanished.

                                             #NowSinging Crazier | Taylor Swift (My Cover)

Confessions of an IPL match fixer

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Sorry for the spoilers guise but I really am guilty. I did some IPL fixing but I wasn't caught in the IndiaTV sting. My friends are suffering coz of my deeds so here is a confession of things I fixed

Malinga dyes his hair orange. I just had to pay his parlour bill. He seemed pretty excited.

Brett Lee takes his shirt off after taking Sehwag's wicket who by the way pulled a Sachin and got ousted at 99. I tried to coax him into dropping all but he was afraid of public reaction. No comments about private.

Bhajji will bald his head and white his lips as a way to indirectly praise his favourite cricketer. 

Poonam Pandey will be in news again for hooking up with Virat Kohli just after he is declared the man of the match.

Since most people just come to see SRK, the sales for Wankhede stadium IPL tickets will start falling. Keeping this is mind there will be a huge controversy after which SRK will accept their apologies. This was all a planned stunt to raise TRP. I managed this for SRK and got rich. Also many signed photos, comment here and I will sell them to you at 500 per piece. 

DD and KKR reach finals and DD takes all wickets and wins. 

Sachin, after losing, feels it's time to retire. He says after serving the country by being a sportsman he now wishes to be their representative and he joins the Rajya Sabha then. Why he did not do this earlier was because it would be too suspicious right after the 100th 100. That's what I thought, Sachin agreed for it for a pittance.

Salman Butt will agitate over IPL because he thinks it's unfair that he got caught. I paid him for this show, man he's an expensive dude.

Virat Kohli would go one step ahead than that middle finger venture. I leave that to your imagination. Good lad, him, he said I didn't need to pay him for it, in cash.

Priety Zinta was seen bonding with Ranbir. I picked on that and now I am after her to agree to start a cat fight with Deepika, who is already planning to leave Sid coz he's broke. But well, these Bollywood people are a tough nut to crack, must stick to cricketers.

See, I am agreeable to be jailed for this. But please consult me about the arrangements first. I like my bath water lukewarm, 25 degree centrally air conditioned chamber, for food I like variety. 

Nice talk. Thanks IndiaTV for broadcasting my apology.

The Initiator

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This song reminds me of the Initiator of change in my life. So here, I title this post The Initiator.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

Being a 12th grader is no small thing. Add to it the various number of things I have to keep hidden, including you, it becomes a burden. Not the keeping silent part. I am actually good at it and also I am one badass liar. I can look you in the eye and not falter. Being a strong person, if I may say that for myself, I don’t find it hard to subdue the turmoil, also I  don’t need to vent immediately. The downside is that anger rests on my nose(direct translation of a hindi phrase, might be awkward. I don’t like sharing much about me, I see my friends tell every little detail of their lives to each other and I just sit like a deaf and dumb person. I do like to talk, though, important things, nothings, your dreams, my dreams, and seek escape in that land. Just sitting on a doorstep with you silently is the best conversation. And after that, though my troubles won’t disappear, I surely acquire enough strength from you.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

Mountain climbing? Sea faring? You can’t give me an actual challenge, can you? Because from where I see things, it seems cake walk. You, so mighty, so tall, so fair. Resting on your shoulders I have the top view of the world. It feels like I can rearrange every miniature detail about this land. This is more than I could imagine accomplishing by myself. But probably saying that is not right either. It’s the initiators work you did. And the rest of it, I shall carry it on, myself, because you have made me able enough.

For where I am, I thank you. From up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. Erm, oh well I am a kid.

Live and let die

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am a Gemini.
I change faster than you can say the word "change"
Do not object to me calling me fake,
I am adaptable. 

My identity is not lost;
I know where my loyalties lie
But at times,
I have to be different,
Not to fit in
But to get my way 

Do not denounce me for what I am with another
Be happy with what I am with you
That's is all you should care about
I do not appreciate unnecessary medling in my life

Live and let live

Or maybe, I'll live and let die.

My Centerpiece

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
When I was younger I expected a certain world
Now I'm excited to see it's more than what I imagined
It's ugly in some places
This gives me the aim of my life
I can make it into what I like
Atleast I will have something to do
Because doing nothing 
Makes me jittery

It's like expecting clay structure
But I got dough
I might not be able to match the activity of my hands with the perfection of my mind
But atleast I will make the dough look prettier
And I will keep messing with it until I tire
Then when a potter arrives
He will add the finishing touches
I will then have a beautiful artwork to adorn my centrepiece

Plan of Destiny

Sunday, March 4, 2012
I am trying to concede to the fact
Come at peace with it
Accept it
Subduing me complaints as much as possible
No matter how much it pains me
It wont happen
Because it isn't supposed to
It is not my plan to let it be
It's the plan of destiny
Maybe in a different time
In a different place
Before everything changed
But as for now
I wouldn't let fantasies cloud my sanity

We can never be friends
Just familiar strangers
Nothing else
I don't need more
I have accepted
The plan of destiny

Don't Insult The Art

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Writing and blogging are like to different things guys. ANY NUMPTY CAN HAVE A BLOG! Even a popular blog at that but not everyone can write.

There is something called creative expression I find lacking. What I see around are Journal writers talking about either depression or elation by accounting events. GUYS TAP THESE EMOTIONS AND DIRECT THEM CREATIVELY!

It's like, I am not interested in your mundane descriptions, frankly. Unless you can create an enchantment so profound it envelops me completely. I have a distracted mind so if you command my concentration, you have my love.

If you can't be a magical writer, atleast have one line that grabs attention. A single thought provoking statement will be enough.

What's it about calling fantasies uncool? THEY ARE THE HEIGHT OF IMAGINATIVE ABILITY! If you can disregard such talent then curses be on you. Although of course just not any fantasy is acceptable.

Fiction. I am not a fan of this genre. That is like describing daily life and as I said before it's hardly worth writing about. Science fiction, thrillers, these are good.

Historical writing is another noteworthy genre. This captures the essence of a certain period giving a personal account, full with personal perspective and individuality.

Yes! Now I get the right word to describe my discontent. INDIVIDUALITY AND PERSPECTIVE. What you write should be inward and at the same time must relate to what happens around you. Those who sink to the level of merely reporting events, I despise you.

Using big words is not impressing, mind. Harry Potter uses simple language and it managed to capture the hearts of millions. Your grammar and vocabulary must be proper, but that is in no way enough. If you lack imagination the rest is futile.

Also, possess the modesty of not declaring yourself as writers to me. Link me your blog and I'll be the judge.

Having a blog is not cool. Writing is.
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